6 Affordable Hitbox Style All-button Arcade Controller

6 Affordable Hitbox Style All-button Arcade Controller

With so many options out there, it's hard not to get overwhelmed, that's why As fellow game enthusiasts we got you!

Check out this nifty list for your reference! 

SquidBox €289.00

The SquidBox is special because of it’s modular design and the ability to get custom aesthetics when you pre-order. Unlike other controller manufacturers, SquidBox puts personalization to the front. Be it the skin, but also the key switches and the key caps. On top of that, as of writing, it comes with 2 designs, the Classic and the Mini.

SquidBox Classic

SquidBox Mini

  • W: 160 mm
  • L: 240 mm
  • H:  15 mm
  • M: 550 g
  • W: 125 mm
  • L: 245 mm
  • H:  17 mm
  • W: 750 g

Snackbox Micro $265 USD

The team at JunkFood Arcades don’t want to be outdone by their european counterparts, and so they too offer hot swappable switches and keycaps, with the added bonus of shiny LED lights for the setup. The JunkFood App allows for further customization of the LEDs and some level of programmable animations. It too comes in two flavours, the MICRO and the MICRO XL

JF Micro

JF Micro XL

  • W: 127 mm
  • L: 254 mm
  • H:  13 mm
  • M: 363 g
  • W: 152 mm
  • L: 318 mm
  • H:  13 mm
  • W: 454 g


Slab Mini $221 CAD

So far the best value when it comes to a customizable controller. The Slab Mini from ArcadePCBs allows for swappable switches and caps as well as customizable LED lights. On top of that it comes with a programmable 1.3 White OLED display that also shows keystrokes in real-time.


  • W: 120 mm
  • L: 240 mm
  • H:  21 mm
  • M:  ?? g

SallyBox $184.68 CAD

What makes the SallyBox special is the fact that it is the only controller on the list that has a 13th button. A button that can can have the same functionality as the jump/up button, but if the controller mode is changed from hitbox mode to mixbox mode, the two buttons can have different functiontions, eg in the eventuality that up and jump do not perform the same function in the game being played.

The SallyBox is not the best value for customization, but it is a close second, offering swappable switches, caps and programmable LEDs, but no options for skins.

Like the Slab Mini, it also has the programmable 1.3 white OLED display that is used to keep track of active modes and can display key presses in real time.


  • W:  123 mm
  • L:  196 mm
  • H1:  17 mm
  • H2:  19 mm (With anti-slip pads)
  • M:  500 g

Bonbon MK1 $170 CAD

With a focus on function and grip, the Bonbon MK1 from ChocoBox is designed for performance, with the option to choose between cherry reds or browns on assembly. A great beginner’s choice.


  • W: 128 mm
  • L: 215 mm
  • H:  ?? mm
  • M:  ?? g

RaidenBox Core $119 CAD

The RaidenBox is pure function, no distractions. Designed as an entry level controller it makes no to the Core controller functionality and is strips down to the essentials. This allows Gadget Runner to provide it’s introductory device at half the price of the top 2 items on this list.


  • W: 130 mm
  • L:  230 mm
  • H:  20 mm
  • M:  500 g